About Faure Farms

Surrounded by stunning panoramic views - from the imposing Helderberg Mountain and rugged Hottentots Holland mountain range in the east to Table Mountain on the western horizon - Faure Wine Farms offers an inspirational location where the Faure family have cultivated vineyards since 1917.

The Faures recognised the value of this unique location and excellent terroir for cultivating vineyards. By combining advanced technological systems and exceptional viticultural management, they are producing and marketing quality grapes that provide for complex, yet elegant wine flavours.

Furthermore, the farm's neighbours include award winning wine farms Vergenoegd and Meerlust.


What is unique about Faure Wine Farms

If terroir uniquely defines each vineyard and good viticulture permits the expression of this terroir, then Faure Wine Farms have paired these factors magnificently to produce world-class grapes.

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Historical background

The Faure family purchased the original farm in 1917 from an Austrian researcher who grew mainly wheat, together with some vines. Four adjoining farms were purchased over time and planted to vineyards, now collectively known as Faure Wine Farms. In the early days, a small winery was in operation. This was closed when the farm started marketing its entire crop through wine co-operatives. With improved management and expertise, Faure Wine Farms began producing superior quality grapes. Since 2000 the grapes have been marketed directly to wine makers looking for the unique characteristics of the crop.


The team

Faure Wine Farms began as a family run concern; however its success has required expansion of the management team. Directors Johann and Albie Faure are still very involved in the strategic and operational aspects of the business. They have also drawn on the expertise of Adriaan van Tubbergh and have appointed three production managers to run the operational aspects of the farm. The vision of Faure Wine Farms is to produce premium quality grapes through optimising the unique terroir with assistance from those who work there. Development of the staff is as vital to the process as are the natural resources. This approach has paid dividends, with people taking pride in their work and surroundings. An initiative from the workforce was to plant flower beds between the vineyard blocks!

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